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Fr 27.03.2020
Sa 28.03.2020

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Performance, Choreografie und Butoh Dance:
Miyake Dance Company -Theresa Lekberg, Riako Napitupulu

Electro Acoustic Soundscape:
Ariel William Orah, Samaquias Lorta (E-Cello)

Basri Orlati

Tanzperformance mit live Electro Acoustic Soundscape


Fällt leider aus !

AKIN ist eine interdisziplinäre Komposition, die sich mit Vergänglichkeit und Zugehörigkeit befasst und über den Kreislauf von Geburt, Leben, Tod als untrennbar miteinander verbundene Phänomene erzählt.
Durch die audiovisuelle Verbindung von elektroakustischen Klanglandschaften mit Performancekunst und Butoh-Tanz werden Szenen kreiert, die zwischenmenschliche Beziehungen, Rituale, Grenzen und allgemein menschliche Verbindungen nachzeichnen und interpretieren.
AKIN versucht einen intimen Einblick in das weite Spektrum menschlicher Gefühle und Verhaltensweisen zwischen den Extremen von Liebe und Schmerz zu geben.

Die in minimalistischer Klarheit gehaltenen Bilder symbolisieren hierbei die Bedeutungskraft des Immateriellen und Universellen.

Die Darsteller verändern sich fortlaufend während Spiels, da sie einem ständigen Wechsel der Haltungen und Stimmungen unterworfen sind. So verkörpern sie Charakteristika des Primitiven, Melancholischen, Zarten, Animalischen und Sakralen.

All jene Zustände und Bilder, die auch der Mensch jeden Tag, bewusst oder unbewusst, sichtbar oder versteckt, für sich ein- und aufnimmt.



AKIN – Art See Ocean Gallery (https://www.artseeocean.com/akin) 

AKIN is a multi-disciplined composition relating to transience and belonging, overarching a connection from birth-to life-to death. By mediums of performance art, Butoh dance and live electro-acoustic soundscapes the piece reveals scenes interpreting boundaries, connection, rituals and interrelation between human beings; an intimate expansion between love and pain.

White creatures in pure and minimalistic images are giving a symbolic meaning to the immaterial and universal.

Performers continuously transform, led by characteristics of the primitive, animalistic, melancholic, delicate and sacral embodiment; moods shifting from one second to another.

We all play out these images every day, hidden and visible, all relatable.

Every artist is coming from a different cultural background and has grown up in different countries – Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Sweden and USA. Three performers are based in Berlin and one in Stockholm.

They are connected by their passion to challenge the boundaries of confinement and their joy of collaborating interdisciplinary.

The fragile frame of improvisation gives the performers their own free self-expression, creating an urgency, a life nerve and something totally new by performing live. Integrating the audience, time and space by live electro-acoustic soundscapes and radical human transformations by Performance art and Butoh dance.

Akin might be a door opener to a new space and form for a new boundary crossing - a new belonging - coming home with being yourself and the beauty of crossing boundaries by art.

Theresa Lekberg is a performance artist. She uses her body to express the unknown. Creating symbols, ceremony and rite as tools for transgressing the pain of crossing emotional, physical and spiritual barriers into regeneration. She uses different mediums in her art such as film and photography, the imagery often touching the borders of life, death, dream, erotic and sacred with a determination to make the unseen seen. Theresa is based in Sweden, she is a producer and co-founder of ‘Art See Ocean Gallery & Artist in Residence’.

Riako Napitupulu, born in Wuppertal and grew up in Düsseldorf, is a german-indonesian-japanese painter, performance artist, art therapist and educator. She moves in diverse cultures and languages between different worlds. Her focus is on participatory art projects in public space. Her topics are about human and social issues as discrimination, intersectionality and belonging. She creates an intimate environment in her performance that transforms the space in a mutual relationship with the audience. Her movements are influenced by a creative intensity and expressive style in Butoh and improvisation dance.

Ariel William Orah is a Berlin-based indonesian artist who explores themes related to identity, memory and scarcity. He fancies the durability of Homo sapiens and the fragility of the machines. He is working with variety of media, ranging from audio and sound sculptures, physical and interactive installations, as well moving and still images. He co-founded an empathy driven artist collective L-KW, Bandung-based progressive rock band ‘Vincent Vega’ and indonesian gastronomy initiative Soydivision. Selected works included commissioned installation for ‘Tanz im August – Internationales Festival Berlin’ (2016), solo album ‘Scarcity’ (2017), film-music scoring for ‘Deeper High – Germany’ (2018) and ‘WIM’ (2018) under alias RAVENATIVE.

Samaquias Lorta engage music with an academic approach influenced by his young start to a professional career as a teacher of cello, music composition, and dance. Through a nomadic lifestyle and interdisciplinary submersion in the arts Samaquias has developed a vision of challenging traditional and modern performance techniques by creating works that incorporate electronic acoustic instruments, sound design through field recordings. This translates directly to his goal of combining traditional music and electronic music during a performance setting.