Dauer: 50 Min.

Tickets: 12,- / 8,-

Gespielt am:

Do 04.07.2019
Fr 05.07.2019
Sa 06.07.2019

Web: max-levy.com

Choreography/Direction: Max Levy

Performers: Kirill Berezovski, Malcolm Sutherland

with Original Compositions: Max Levy

Ceramics: Jojo Corväiá

Performance Documentation: Jubal Battisti

Light Design: Alessandro Maestrini



Give me time and I will tell you what I want... 

We talk, we listen, we sing, we dance,

We laugh, we say, we decide, we write,

We see, we feel, we want, we do.

We think, we play, we walk,

We believe, we live, we repeat,

We understand, we contain, we bide.

We create, we kiss.

We dress, we exist.

We lose, we grieve.

We fall silent.

We just lie.

...more time.

-Miguel Toro (2746)

Photo: Jubal Battisti

With Meditations, Berlin newcomer Max Levy presents his first evening-length work, a collage of self-awareness and observation, spent in the moments between moments. Utilizing a background of classical education morphed by countless collaborations with renowned contemporary influences, the ex-soloist of Staatsballett Nürnberg digs into the essence of detail and finality: the surreal moments, when not looking at anything could open your eyes to everything.

“When I would become aware of a change, but not realize it happening until afterwards, I started to wonder how such moments could pass me by. How concentrated/lost had I been that so much time could pass without notice? How had I not seen the sky change colors as the day passed by? How had I not counted the drops of water before a cup overflowed? How had I not realized I was falling in or out of love until my heart was wide open? I would always realize afterwards. It was at these moments after the fact, that led me to ponder those gray in-between periods that I had been so focused and unaware. There was always something there, just out of the corner of my eye, that I couldn't ever acknowledge.”

Choreography/Direction: Max Levy
Performers: Kirill Berezovski, Malcolm Sutherland
with Original Compositions: Max Levy
Light Design: Alessandro Maestrini
Ceramics provided by Jojo Corväiá                                                                         Documentation: Jubal Battisti

Rehearsal space generously provided by Tanz Offensive Berlin:

Academy of Dance & Arts Performance

Additional Thanks: Claudia Greco, Davidson Jaconello, Mari Kawanishi, Sascha Koal, Felix Levy, Michelle Murphy, Kihako Narisawa, Richard Oberscheven, Dario Rigaglia, Robert Robinson, Yuri Shimaoka, Miyuki Shimizu, Mana Tada, Miguel Toro, Saul Vega Mendoza, Jin Young Won, Ting-An Ying, Max Zacchrison

Meditations is funded completely through personal budget, and the generosity of viewers like you. The indescribable support of the following donors has brought this production to life:  Steven Barrett, Andreas Bundi, Chia-Yin Chiang, Claire Davison, Ian Delgado, Amelia Eisen, Sara Ezzell, Joan Fucho, Joseba Gil, Zoe Henrot, Claire Kerker, Raquel Lanziner, The Levy Family, Christine Maree, Wes Nguyen, SP & YP, Julia Rubinsky, Gabriela Rufino, Pablo Sansalvador, Vanessa Shield, James Thiede, Sophie Vergeres, Albert Woodard, and other anonymous donors.

Photo: Ralf Mohr