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Dauer: 40 Minuten

Tickets: 15,- / 10,- (erm.)


Mittwoch 28.08., um 20:00 Uhr  
Donnerstag 29.08., um 20:00 Uhr  

Director, Choreographer, Performer:
Olga Rabetskaya

Producer, Dancer:
Ann Francis Ang

Andrew Dmitriev, Silvia Remigio, Yi Chi Lee

Music by:
Ran Bagno

Videografie von Jake Kruty, bearbeitet von Alexandra Kononchenko

von Nikolay Laydra, bearbeitet von Olga Rabetskaya

OR Dance / Olga Rabetskaya

4 scenes

A story and a performance, the characters in „4 Scenes“ present four different yet connected situations that on their way to finding true self and identity. These characters use theater, media and dance to tell their stories.

One talks about the system, which presses and punishes for any initiative and puts people back in their places. Following a rigid hierarchy system, we explore expectations of obedience.

Two shows what happens if you decide to not obey and allow yourself to be who you are: What becomes of us if we embrace our anger and discomfort, if we embrace our inner animal?

Three drops you into the silence which comes after the emotional explosion of our scenes past. Through projected visuals and moving images, we explore another story in a different medium.

Four tells the story of partnership, of two “whales” swimming nearby each other. Together they feel as good as they do apart. They need each other, but there is no fear of being alone. Inspired by the artists’ life experience, these four scenes embody their own theme, energy qualities and sensations.

„4 Scenes“ was Olga Rabetskaya’s first choreographic work. Though the work is now a part of the company’s repertoire, each performance is its own unique experience: As the cast changes, the stories and how they are told change.

4 scenes – © Effy Grey 4 scenes – © Effy Grey