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Dauer: 60 Minuten

Tickets: 15,- / 10,-


Mittwoch 16.09., um 20:00 Uhr  
Donnerstag 17.09., um 20:00 Uhr  

Web: umzikssi.wixsite.com/2018

Author, Choreografer: Hoyoung Im

Performer: Aseel Qupty, Giuliana Kolling, Hoyoung Im

Produktion: UmZikßi



Holo is looking for his hat. During his journey, he meets his various identities, as an Elephant, Cat, Thief, Lover and Friend. He observes and learns from them the way how he laughs, cries, thinks and feels. However, he struggles between his actual desire and pressure of society. In midst of chaos, he can´t remember anymore, the very reason to look for the hat. But his colorful identities keep pushing him to maintain his journey. Storm is coming and Holo is sitting on his worries.

Aseel Qupty 

A contemporary dancer from Nazareth, Israel. As a dancer/choreographer Aseel created her own interpretation of movement from personal views, working with connection to her feminine quality and strong physicality, a combination of juiciness and strength.

Giuliana Kolling

Giuliana Kolling

Through her journey from Brazil to Germany, Guiliana has performed inumerous times, for Harake Dance Company, on Open Stages, for Danceworks Berlin and took workshops with the most diverse choreographers and different styles. Her strongest skills lay in Contemporary Dance, Floor-work, Acrobatics and Improvisation, which she also teaches in Berlin.

Im Hoyoung

Hoyoung is a Korean Performer, Choreographer, Musician and Videographer . He studied Cinema & Theatre, BA of Art in Seoul. He is a member of theatre company ‘Elephant Manbo’ and an art director of art project group, ‘UmZikßi’. Since 2017, he is living in Berlin.

Hoyoung gets inspirations from the eastern philosophies, Taoism and Buddhism. Recently he aims to collaborate with other various genre, rather than the traditional form of performing art. Hoyoung is striving to create the mixing analogue and digital with the sharp theatrical and political questions.