Dauer: 60 Minuten

Tickets: 12,- / 8,-


Freitag 17.04., um 20:00 Uhr  

Direction: Fabio Dornas

Creation, concept and performance: Fabio Dornas, Cliver Honorato, Luciana Alvarenga

Lighting design: Rony Camargo

Live music: Cliver Honorato, Luciana Alvarenga

Costume design: Silma Dornas

Set design: Silma Dornas, Louis Mooren

Production: Nyvea Karam

E o que fica?

A performance, an encounter among artists. Being on stage is the essential axis for this provocation, where the artist is encouraged to leave his comfort zone and connect with the distinctiveness in a work, which happens in different ways, constantly, recognizing the power of the other person on stage, without leaving their own presence behind.

Being at risk is the main focus of this performance, allowing different guest directors - who accepted the challenge together with the artists - to interfere in the direction. This so-called ‘prompt direction’ takes place within the original proposal within only a few rehearsals. Is it possible to change and develop yourself within an unforeseeable time span?

This is exactly the kind of provocation this performance aims at. Both director and artists on stage will have to be open to try and experiment in an indefinite time, unusual proposals of reinventing a performance which, supposedly, already would or should have been organized.

Anyway, people, ideas, moments and sensations always come and go, and in the end this question always persists. and what remains?