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Sa 21.05.2016

Butoh Performance von Valentin Tszin

SILENT CREATION | metabolic dance performance

From nowhere to nowhere
To dissolve in a softness of pause between two points
To find your being suspended in a silent fragile moment when time stops and words don't matter anything.
It is too short and too endless
It is too simple and too complicated
It is better not to do anything at all
How it is to be gone?
How it is to meet the universe?
How not to disturb?

Performance duration: 55 min (no break)
Tickets 12€/8€

This performance is a collaboration of three artists who appriсiate improvisation and moments of silence.
VALENTIN TSZIN is a Russian choreographer, dancer and actor. Founder of PoemaTheatre (St. Petersburg / Moscow) and Butoh Village (Moscow) and co-founder of Butoh Channel Berlin. Valentin has presented his work nationally and internationally in Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Colombia, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Scotland, Poland, Russia and Greece. He has produced and participated in numerous performance and collaborative projects, including "Out of the Forest" ARCHSTOYANIE Festival (Nikola-Lenivets, Russia 2013), "Ka te T'ui" gogolfest (Kiev, Ukraine) "Dostoevsky. The corpse." (Tokyo, Japan 2014), „Infant Melee I and II" with Yuko Kaseki (Berlin, Germany 2014), "eX…it!" 6th international Butoh dance-eXchange and performance festival (Schloss Broellin, Germany) , "RopeBerry" and "Instincts" Lieber Null Berlin. Valentin studied and worked with Butoh Masters Carlotta Ikeda, and Ko Murobushi, Dairakudakan, also Flavia Ghisalberti, Ken Mai, Taketeru Kudo, singer Sainko Namchylak and many others. DANIEL WILLIAMS is a composer and sounddesigner living in Dresden. Born in Edinburgh in 1969, he studied music at Edinburgh University and literature at Oxford University. He has worked for many years in the theatre, most notably with Russian company Derevo, and Dresden based companies Freaks und Fremde, The Guts Company and the JuWie Dance Company. Highlights with Derevo include ‘Ketzal’, ‘Harlequin’, which have toured all over the world, and ‘Weisse Festung’ as well as countless improvisations and special events most notably the Buto festivals Mad in Japan and Mad in Russia. Touring shows with Freaks und Fremde include ‘Freakshow’ and ‘Schweigen der Welt’ and recent shows with The Guts Company include Emoticam and Ortsflüchtig. As a musician her has appeared at the STFU festival in Dresden in 2012 and 2014 as well as at the Dresden Audio Visual Experience in 2014 and 2015 where he appeared in the final concert. Recent music releases include a vinyl release on Lockertmatik under the name Ghost Radio and two albums on also as Ghost Radio. EVGENIA CHETVERTKOVA is a Russian dancer, choreographer, leader of PoemaTheatre, creator of «Roses» and «Red Line Cabaret» (shown at Acud Theater last Summer). Her dance research is based mostly on Butoh techniques and is focused on guiding the body by inner visual images, emotional states and states of consciousness. As a choreographer she prefers to shift between different genres from small private performances to large shows, from site specific experiments to theatrical productions, from conceptual approach to emotional self statements. Choreography ( „OUT OF SPECTACLE", „Ladies and Gentlemen", „Garson", „Roses", „Red Line Cabaret", „KINDERGARTEN", „OUT OF THE FORREST" and others)