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Di 17.11.2015
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Fr 20.11.2015

Performance by Valentin Tszin


Instincts. Primitive, crude, unrefined. Between and beyond life, pleasure, and death principles. Instincts that need to be released, expressed and defused. Performing is the medium for all impulses to manifest and materialize. Follow the structure of expanding forms and practices through all extensions and means that are offered and create your own. Purpose is relief and cleansing of restricted and repressed urges. Physical and mental exhaustion that will lead to purification of self, an action existing as part of a circle, not as part of a line that begins and ends. This circle is composed of different states and moments that will reoccur as if in a loop. As long as life is ascending, happiness equals instinct.

INSTINCTS is the first solo performance by Valentin Tszin in Berlin, co-founder of Butoh Channel Berlin, artistic director of PoemaTheatre and Butoh Village (Moscow), theatre director and film actor. This work is part of Valentin's research based on his concept of decentralization of the body and its presence, as well as artistic authorship. Thus he is co-creating this performance not as his own expression on the topic but in connection with the concept of the 11th edition of Liber Null. Valentin Tszin has moved to Berlin for a magistracy at HZT-Berlin (MA SODA). He has broad experience studying and working with Ko Mirobushi, Carlotta Ikeda, Dairakudakan, Taketeru Kudo, Sainkho Namtchylak, Flavia Ghisalberti and many more.

Performance: Valentin Tszin
Photography: Cristina Cipriani
Costume Design: UY
Make Up: Momoyo Morioka
Music: Emil Lewandowski
Concept: Liber Null Berlin
Curating: Thalia Paraskeva